3 Unexpected Signs of a Dirty HVAC Filter

Heating costs a lot more than air conditioning, but it’s important to have heat when it’s cold outside so that you are comfortable relaxing at home.

Similarly, keeping your air fresh and harmless by replacing a dirty HVAC filter is crucial no matter which way you’re using your HVAC systems if you want to unwind comfortably. 

Are you dealing with some excessive dust in your home? Does your AC seem to be cycling more than it normally does? These are not conducive to having a nice home environment! 

It may be time for you to change your filter. Keep reading to figure out the top 3 signs that you have a dirty HVAC filter.

1. Your Filter Looks Gray

If you look at your filter, and it just doesn’t even look clean, that’s an obvious sign that it actually isn’t clean and needs to be replaced. You may also notice a lot of dust and dirt right around your vents or even in different areas around your home.

Because a dirty filter will push out dirty air, it will eventually impact the rest of your home as well until the filter is changed.

Once you know how to change the HVAC filter (or hire the pros to help you), you’ll realize that it’s not a complicated task, and doing it regularly will keep your air clean. Not only will this help your home be more comfortable, but it will also help you breathe a little bit easier.

2. You Don’t Know When It Was Last Changed

How often should you change your HVAC filter? Well, the answer is that it depends on the model and the manufacturer’s recommendation. 

If you can’t remember the last time that you switched out your HVAC filter, that’s probably not a good sign. You are supposed to change most HVAD filter types within one to six months. It’s not a bad idea to look at the filter each month to see if it has started to turn darker and more polluted. 

During the cooling season, you will want to change your filter at least every three months so that your AC system can push out cold air that isn’t filled with dirt and dust. 

3. Your Allergies Are Getting Worse

If your filter is dirty, it means that any contaminants and pollutants can get past it because it doesn’t have the means to block them from getting inside the air in your home. This will include things like pollen, ragweed, or dander.

Even without looking at the filter, if you feel like your allergies are more severe than they typically are, you should consider switching out the HVAC filter as soon as you can.

Do You Have a Dirty HVAC Filter?

When you have a dirty HVAC filter, you can see that a medley of problems will arise. Luckily, it’s not a terribly difficult thing to fix with the help of professionals like us. 

If you’re in the Woodstock, Canton, Kennesaw, or Acworth areas, R & R Heating and Air is the right HVAC company for you. We have over 10 years of experience and know what it takes to make our customers happy.

Are you ready to get your HVAC systems looked at by the pros? Contact us today to see what we can do for you! 

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