5 Air Conditioning Myths That Are You Costing You Money in Woodstock

Summer brings more than heat. It dispels some myths about air conditioning and staying cool. The worry is that some of those misconceptions might cost you a lot of money.

So let’s look at five of the most common air conditioning myths that are costing you money in Woodstock.

1. A Ceiling Fan Would Minimize My Air Conditioning Costs

A ceiling fan doesn’t cool a room. It only circulates the air. The airflow makes you feel cool. But there are no changes in the actual air temperature in the room.

In the winter, ceiling fans may be beneficial if you have high ceilings. If you spin it clockwise, it will press down the heat that would rise.

This allows you to feel the warmth. It would be best if you turned ceiling fans counterclockwise in the summer to draw up cooler air that would otherwise remain on the floor.

2. AC Maintenance Is Only Important When There’s an Issue

If there were a ranking of how inaccurate the misconceptions are, this myth would be the first. Proper maintenance keeps your HVAC system operational. It also keeps it running well.

Also, clogged airs filter result in bad air quality and a less effective system. Regular air conditioning service can help to avoid problems. Also, yearly servicing can help to keep your system working well.

3. A Bigger AC Cools a House Faster

Bigger isn’t better when it comes to air conditioning. An AC that is small in size is a problem. So, homeowners always think that a larger unit is always a good choice.

When the air conditioning unit is too large for the area, the compressor cycles on and off. This puts excessive strain on the compressor and may make it fail.

4. You May Save Money by Turning Off the Air Conditioner When Leaving the House

It’s a fact that shutting off your air conditioner prevents it from using more power. But turning it back on often waste more power than operating the air conditioner.

This is due to two factors:

First, the energy spikes when switching on your air conditioner.

Second, the air conditioner must return the temperature of the room or house to normal. This means it will be working at maximum capacity for a longer amount of time.

5. The Location of Thermostat Doesn’t Matter

Where you place your thermostat is critical. Incorrect thermostat placement might lead to “ghost readings.” They are improper system cycling.

When air temperatures around your thermostat differ from where you are in your house, ghost readings can occur. Airflow changes can also affect accuracy.

A poor location also implies that the thermostat can’t go on frequently enough, causing discomfort. Or, it means that it will cycle too often, wearing out parts and consuming too much power.

Thermostats work best when put in a place where you spend the most time at home. That is a central place for most families. Zoning is also an intriguing option. This can help if you want to enjoy various temperatures in different sections of your house.

Don’t Fall a Victim of These Air Conditioning Myths

Are you in Woodstock, Canton, Kennesaw, or Acworth and wish to save money on your air conditioning and electricity bills? Then don’t believe these common air conditioning misconceptions.

Allow R & R Heating And Air in Woodstock, GA, to assist you in staying cool this summer through air conditioning installation and repair. We have dependable and experienced HVAC experts who understand that a damaged air conditioning system can be disgusting.

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