5 Common Causes of a Noisy AC

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There are record-breaking heat waves occurring all across the nation this year. So, it’s not surprising that people are paying more attention to the air conditioners than usual. An AC unit that goes down in those kinds of temperatures can end up a trigger for heat strokes in the ill and elderly.

The first thing that makes most people nervous is a noisy AC unit. If the unit is making bangs and pops, that must mean it’s on the verge of a breakdown, right? That’s not necessarily the case.

If your AC unit is noisy, keep reading for five of the most common causes of noisy HVAC.

1. Worn Out Padding

HVAC equipment actually makes a lot of noise. That’s one reason why your AC unit goes outside.

A lot of that equipment uses padding inside the machines to help dampen that noise, so it won’t bother you. That padding doesn’t come with an unlimited lifespan. It will eventually break down and cause a loud AC unit.

2. Loose Parts

When asking, why is my AC loud, you should get more specific. If it’s a rattling noise, there is a good chance that something came loose in the machine. The vibrations from when the equipment runs can dislodge mounting screws and cause panels to come loose.

While that rattling might sound ominous, it’s usually an easy fix with a basic screwdriver or Allen wrench.

3. Debris

Another common source of rattling from the general area of your air handler is just debris. As it accumulates, it triggers odd noises from your HVAC system.

In most cases, you can handle this problem yourself with nothing more than a vacuum cleaner.

4. Lubrication

Your HVAC system is made of machines filled with moving parts. The motors in that equipment often need additional lubrication. If the lubricants dry out, it can make your system run much louder.

If you understand where and how to lubricate those motors, you should do so occasionally. If not, bring an HVAC pro for basic maintenance once a year.

5. Malfunctions

Loud AC noises that are what you always hear shouldn’t concern you too much. The noises you must watch out for are those caused by malfunctions. That typically means a new kind of loud banging or squealing from some part of your system.

If you hear new, loud noises from your system, you’ll likely need professional AC repairs.

Noisy AC and You

Noisy AC can leave anyone feeling unnerved, but it’s almost never a crisis. Most noises stem from common and easily fixed sources. A little vacuuming, a little lubricant, and tightening down some screws will often solve your noise problems immediately.

If you start hearing new loud noises, you should contact an HVAC company to come out and give your AC a thorough once over.

R & R Heating and Air specializes in HVAC service and repairs in the Woodstock, Canton, Kennesaw, and Acworth areas. If your AC has gotten loud recently, contact R & R today for an appointment.

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