5 Common HVAC Myths Debunked

Georgia may be one of the warmest states in the USA, but temperatures here have plunged to -17° F before. So while you might use your HVAC to keep your home cool most of the time, it’s essential to make sure it’s ready for action all year round.

Is your HVAC currently playing up and you don’t know why? You could have fallen victim to some of the common HVAC myths that cause nothing but problems with your heating and cooling system.

Fortunately, you can get all the HVAC facts you need to right these wrongs right here. 

1. You Don’t Need an HVAC Maintenance Service

This myth is only partially incorrect. You can skip a regular maintenance routine if you don’t mind paying for emergency HVAC services when it eventually breaks down.  

You can also change your HVAC filters on your own, as long as you do it as needed and not according to another popular myth i.e. once a year is fine.

Signing up for a regular maintenance schedule with a reputable HVAC company is the easiest way to ensure your heating and cooling system’s always operating at its most efficient. 

2. A Thicker Filter is Always Better

In this case, misinformation can cause a lot of problems with your HVAC.

It’s true that a thick HEPA filter can trap up to 99% of airborne particles, but it causes your HVAC to work twice as hard in the process. You’ll also need to replace them a lot sooner than a thinner filter. 

Rather speak to a qualified and experienced HVAC service technician about installing a suitable filter to reduce allergens, germs, and particles in your home. 

3. You Should Get the Biggest HVAC You Can Afford

Bigger isn’t always better unless you have a very large home. You’ll get better value and performance if you allow your HVAC installer to choose the best type of HVAC for your circumstances.

Larger machines often end up short-cycling in small rooms, which means they shut off prematurely. 

4. A High-Efficiency HVAC Will Save You Money

In ideal circumstances, a high-efficiency HVAC can save you a lot of money. Yet, your HVAC’s performance depends on a lot of other factors too.

An energy-efficient system has no effect on a drafty house and it also relies on regular maintenance to do its job effectively.

If you want to save money on your heating and cooling bills, you need to address your entire system. An energy-efficient HVAC is only one piece of the puzzle. 

5. Adjusting the Thermostat Can Adjust the Temperature Faster

Adjusting your thermostat to the top or bottom of its range won’t help it reach an optimum temperature faster. Adjusting the thermostat has no effect on how your HVAC works, it simply causes it to shut down when the room reaches a certain temperature.

Extreme adjustments to your thermostat only mean your HVAC will keep heating or cooling until it reaches that temperature. 

We Stick to the HVAC Facts

Are you still struggling to sort a few HVAC facts from myths when it comes to keeping your heating and cooling system performing at its best?

Get in touch if you want honest answers and affordable solutions to all your HVAC questions. We serve the Woodstock, Canton, Kennesaw, and Acworth areas from our premises located in Woodstock. 

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