5 HVAC Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid for Homeowners in Canton, GA

Do you know what makes HVAC maintenance such a wise and worthwhile investment?

Aside from reducing your energy consumption, regular maintenance also helps improve indoor air quality and keeps your home comfortable all year round. Now, if you’re already doing simple cleaning and HVAC maintenance tasks, that’s great. Just make sure that when you’re performing these tasks, you’re not doing anything that would compromise the efficiency of your HVAC system.

If you’re not sure how that might happen, take a look at these common HVAC maintenance mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Frequently Opting for the DIY Route

Even if you’re familiar with some common HVAC issues, it takes experience to spot underlying problems that can turn serious down the line. This is why you shouldn’t skip periodic tune-ups and maintenance for your HVAC system. Try to make it a habit to schedule an appointment at least once each year with a reliable contractor.

Now, if you’re not sure how to find HVAC contractors in Canton, you can do a simple online search or you can check out this guide on how to hire HVAC professionals.

2. Using an Old HVAC Unit

While it’s true that some things get better with time, the same doesn’t apply to HVAC systems. If you have an older unit, consider replacing it with a newer model.

You see, even if you have your old HVAC system serviced, it’s not going to be as energy-efficient as Energy Star-rated HVAC units. Staying loyal to your old unit will only mean more HVAC maintenance costs, as well as repair expenses.

3. Forgetting to Clean Air Filters

Cleaning air filters is easy, and it doesn’t require any special HVAC repair tools, but some homeowners still forget to do it regularly. If you’re not sure how often to check your air filters, our recommendation is at least once a month.

Another thing to avoid is using the wrong air filters for your system. Now, if you’re not sure which filters to buy, you can ask an HVAC expert. He or she will be able to recommend the right filters designed for your HVAC unit.

4. Waiting to Fix Small Problems

Are you noticing bad smells coming from your HVAC system or does it make weird noises? If yes, don’t ignore them. While you might think these are minor problems, these could be signs pointing to a bigger issue.

Schedule a service call right away to diagnose the problem, and get it fixed before it becomes a bigger headache later on.

5. Repeating the Same HVAC Maintenance Mistakes

Maybe, you’ll forget to clean your air filters this month, or perhaps you won’t schedule a routine check-up for your HVAC system this year. You might think these mistakes are forgivable, and that your unit will be just fine. While your HVAC system will survive despite these mistakes, you should know that doing them too often will affect the lifespan of your unit.

Staying on top of these HVAC maintenance tasks should be a priority for you. Remember, the cost to buy and install your system isn’t cheap. You should be doing your best to protect your investment.

Do You Need Someone to Check Your HVAC System?

Now that you know some common HVAC maintenance mistakes, it’s not a bad idea to get in touch with an HVAC expert asap.

If you need someone to check your HVAC system, we can help. Our service areas include Woodstock, Canton, Kennesaw, and Acworth.

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