5 Tips on Lowering AC/Heat Bills for Homeowners in Canton

Georgia residents pay some of the highest energy bills in the entire country. The average household in Georgia pays around $450 in utility costs. You might not be able to lower the statistics for the entire state, but you can lower home cooling and heating costs for your Canton, GA home. 

Lowering AC/heat bills might seem like an impossible task at the moment. You’re constantly seeing an increase in your energy bill, and you’re not sure what to do. With the best tips and tricks, you can start lowering your bill today! 

Continue reading below for our list of several things you can do to lower your energy bill in Canton, GA. 

1. Replace the AC Filter

How often do you replace your AC filter? You should replace it at least every three months. That number might differ depending on your household situation, though. 

If you have multiple people and pets living in your home, then you’ll need to change the filter more often. Start by checking the filter once a month. If it’s covered in dirt and dust after a month, then you’ll want to replace it once a month. 

Otherwise, keep checking it monthly until you determine when it needs replacing. A dirty AC filter will cause your HVAC system to work harder than needed. When this happens, expect to see an increase in your energy bill.

2. Remove Obstructing Items

Dirt and dust on an AC filter can obstruct proper airflow, but so can a few other things. Open your HVAC unit’s closet and check it for any items that don’t belong there. Some homeowners store mops, brooms, vacuums, and other items in this closet. 

Doing so can prevent proper airflow to and from your home AC system, which then causes it to work overtime. You then want to check your outside unit as well. Remove any sticks, leaves, dirt, and other debris that might obstruct the outside unit. 

3. Use Natural Sunlight

If it’s a cold day outdoors, then you can help take some of the load off your HVAC system by letting in the sunlight. Open your blinds and curtains and let the natural sunlight warm up your home. You may still need to use your heating system, but you should be able to reduce how much heat you use. 

On a warm day, be sure to shut blinds and curtains to prevent heat from entering your home. 

4. Update Insulation

Improper insulation can cause you to pay more on your energy bill than necessary. Insulation is essential for maintaining an energy-saving temperature inside your home. With the best insulation, you’ll save on your energy bill each month!

If you don’t remember the last time you updated your insulation, then there’s no better time than now to look into doing so. 

5. Schedule Routine HVAC Services

To keep your HVAC unit running smoothly and efficiently, schedule routine HVAC services. Have a professional inspect your unit for you on a regular basis to conduct tune-ups, perform heating system maintenance, and make necessary repairs.

When you catch an issue in the early stages, you save money on repairs/replacements and prevent multiple high-cost energy bills. 

Lowering AC/Heat Bills Has Never Been Easier

We know how difficult it can be to maintain a low energy bill for your Canton, GA home. Now, lowering AC/heat bills has never been easier! Use all of the helpful tips and advice listed above and then contact R&R Heating and Air!

We’ve been proudly serving Metro Atlanta since 2010 and look forward to helping you lower your energy bill. Contact us today to get started. 

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