5 Ways to Keep Your House Warm in the Summer

Did you know that heating your home uses more energy and costs more than any other system within your home? In fact, heating usually uses 42% of your utility bill!

Don’t crank up the heat during the cooler summer days. Instead, learn how to keep your house warm. With these five easy tips, you can keep your home warm and cozy even when the temperature drops.

Start saving energy and money with these easy tips.

1. Program It

More than half of a household’s annual energy use is for space heating and air conditioning. In order to improve your energy-efficiency and energy bill, consider installing a smart thermostat.

With a smart thermostat, you won’t have to remember to change the temperature every time you leave. Instead, you can program your thermostat on a schedule or set it to adjust when the internal temperature changes.

Installing a smart thermostat is ideal if you’re away from home often or plan on traveling. Instead of wondering when to raise the temperature, you can trust your thermostat to handle it for you!

2. Let the Light in

If you want to keep your house warm during the day, open the curtains and let the sunshine through! Once the sun rises, try to let as much of that free heat in as possible.

Otherwise, keep your curtains closed at night to prevent the heat inside from escaping.

3. Check Your Fans

Some ceiling fans have a setting that enables them to move clockwise or counterclockwise. Enabling your fans to turn clockwise will push heat back down into the room. Otherwise, that heat gets trapped near the ceilings.

To keep your house warm during the summer months, switch your fans to run clockwise.

Otherwise, make sure your vents aren’t blocked. If they are, consider moving the furniture around. Placing furniture in front of heating vents could disrupt the flow of heat and cause air pressure issues to occur.

4. Seal the Leaks

Don’t let the heat slip out from your home. Instead, discover the benefits of weatherstrips! Using weatherstrips will help you seal any leaks in your windows, doors, attic, or basement.

You can also use caulking in addition to weatherstrips to seal your home and keep the heat in!

Another helpful tip is to close the doors within your home. Closing the doors will keep the heat in each space. If you have a larger, open space, consider using room dividers to keep the heat from escaping, too.

Here are a few signs poor insulation is causing your heating issues.

5. Layer Your Hardwood

Uninsulated wood floors could cause your home to lose its heat. To keep that heat inside, consider adding carpets and rugs throughout your home. Carpeted flooring will keep your home warmer by trapping heat inside.

Heat Things up With These Ways to Keep Your House Warm All Summer Long

Don’t let the warm air escape your home. Instead, start using these tips and keep your house warm all summer long. With these tips, you can improve your energy-efficiency and remain comfy!

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