6 Big Signs That Your Home Has Poor Insulation

Insulation is the key to keeping the temperature in your home stable. It stops warm air from leaking out and cold air from finding its way in.

Unfortunately, insulation doesn’t last forever. It will lose effectiveness over time, and the climate in your home will suffer as a result.

You need to know what to look for if you think your insulation is bad. Below are six signs of poor insulation that you need to be aware of.

1. High Energy Bills

Have you noticed that your energy bills have been going up over time? Higher bills is a sign that your insulation isn’t doing its job.

When your insulation isn’t helping control the climate of your home, it’s harder for your AC and furnace to keep your home at the right temperature. They will be working overtime, so your energy bills are going to spike higher than they should be.

2. Cold Walls and Floors

Your insulation doesn’t only stop warm and cold air from escaping your home. It also prevents the outside climate from getting in.

If your insulation isn’t working, you’ll be able to tell by touching the walls and floors of your home. If they’re cold all the time, your insulation isn’t keeping the external weather out of your home.

3. Chilly Drafts

The last thing you want in winter is to walk in the room and experience a cold draft. Unfortunately, poor insulation can let air into your home and cause some of your rooms to become drafty. Adding insulation will help keep the cool air out, so you don’t get cold breezes in your home.

4. Different Temperatures Between Rooms

Your AC and furnace are there to keep your home at a consistent temperature. Sure, things can change between rooms if you have open windows or running fans. However, there shouldn’t be too big of a difference.

Poor insulation can create a significant temperature variance between rooms. If it is too big of a difference, you might need new insulation.

5. Water Leaks

Insulation isn’t only there to maintain the temperature of your home. It also helps keep water from getting in.

If you need new insulation, the chances are that there isn’t enough available to stop water from leaking into your home. You’ll most likely find these leaks in your attic.

6. Rodent Problems

It isn’t easy for larger rodents to get into your home. They need a large enough gap to gain entry. Having proper insulation provides you protection for much of this.

If your insulation is breaking down, rodents have space to move around and enter your home. Insulating the parts of your home close to windows or doors will help keep vermin out of the house.

Don’t Let Poor Insulation Decrease the Quality of Your Home

The last thing you want is to live in a home that doesn’t have a comfortable climate. If you let poor insulation impact your home, you’re going to have a hard time being comfortable when you’re at home.

Are you ready to have someone take care of your insulation problem? Contact us today to schedule an appointment for one of our experts to inspect your home.

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