6 Reasons Why You Have a High AC Electric Bill in Woodstock (and What to Do About It!)

Are you wondering why you receive a high electric bill every month? It could be because there’s a loss of efficiency in your AC system. However, don’t jump to conclusions since there could be myriad reasons for the jump in AC electric bill.

Avoid solving any AC issues by yourself when you notice it’s responsible for the spike in the electric bill. Chances are you’ll cause further damage because you don’t have the right tools. It’s worth engaging an expert all the time.

Read on to find out the possible causes for the jump in AC bill in Woodstock.

1. Failing to Maintain the AC

Regular maintenance of an AC system prevents cases of possible breakdowns. It also ensures system efficiency so that the AC can use optimum electricity. If you start receiving a high electric bill then you should first question your frequency of maintenance.

Get a technician to come and inspect the system to enjoy a lower AC bill. Woodstock AC technicians have all the tools for examining the performance and condition of the system. They will make the necessary recommendations such as getting a new capacitor that will reduce the electric bill.

2. Improper Installation

If whoever installed the system did not do it correctly then the AC will overconsume energy. For instance, if a contractor installs an oversized AC to your property then it will short cycle. It will “kick on and off rapidly”.

Some other signs of improper installation are missing parts, non-sealed duct connections, and bad welding. They are capable of causing frequent breakdowns that are frustrating aside from increasing the bills.

3. Dirty Air Filters Increase the AC Electric Bill

Debris accumulates in the air filters when they filter too much air. The dirt that builds up constricts airflow through the AC’s duct. This makes the system take longer than usual to cool the property.

The increase in run time overheats motors and compressors. This is the main reason for the jump in the AC bill in this scenario. Use a reusable filter that you can clean routinely to mitigate such an occurrence.

4. Leaks in the Duct

The Duct plays an essential function of distributing air throughout the property. The system’s efficiency reduces when there are leaks in the duct because the air distribution won’t satisfy the thermostat. This makes the AC work extra hard and for a longer period.

The harder and longer the AC works, the more the electric bill. You should fix the leaks by using a duct seal.

5. Old Units

Sometimes age is the sole reason for your AC consuming excess energy. Old units may have repair issues that you wouldn’t notice if you aren’t an expert.

They could also be struggling to cool the entire property especially if you expanded it without replacing the AC.

An old system can never be efficient. It’s better to replace it.

6. A Low Refrigerant

The refrigerant is responsible for transferring and dissipating heat. When the unit is low on the refrigerant it can’t get rid of the heat efficiently. The system will therefore compensate by working harder to satisfy the thermostat.

Most cases of low refrigerants arise from the presence of leaks. Talk to an expert for professional diagnostic services.

Keep Your AC Bill in Woodstock Low

Keeping your AC electric bill low could be as simple as unplugging the system when it’s not in use. The issue could be deeper if the bills remain high yet you unplug the AC. Consulting an expert makes it easier to trace the root cause of high AC bills.

It’s also prudent to keep on checking your AC to make sure everything works perfectly. This will enable you to spot and fix any potential problems on time. Contact us today for professional help.


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