7 Amazing Tips to Lower Heat Bills This Winter in Acworth

The average electricity bill in the U.S. is $114.44 per month. But during the winter months, especially in regions that experience cold winters, that bill can creep higher and higher as you struggle to keep your home warm.

This doesn’t have to mean shivering your way through the season. Instead, check out these 7 tips to help lower your heat bills this winter.

1. Dress Warm

One of the simplest ways to lower your heat bills is to dress warmly during the winter months.

If your family is used to lounging around in shorts and t-shirts, even during the winter months, consider upgrading your loungewear. Simply wearing pants and a sweatshirt, as well as a pair of slippers or socks, is a great way to resist the urge to turn your heat up.

2. Lower Your Heat at Night

At night, add an extra blanket or two to your bed to stay warm, and consider turning your heat down while you sleep.

Turning your thermostat back by just 7 to 10 degrees for 8 hours a day can save you as much as 10 percent on your heating utility bill. 

3. Close Rooms You Aren’t Using

Another simple change that can help with heating bills is closing off rooms that you aren’t using. For instance, if you have a guest room or basement you rarely use, close the doors to those rooms. You can even add a towel at the base of the door to keep warm air from leaking in.

4. Upgrade Your HVAC

Want to make a big impact on your heating utility bill? Consider upgrading your HVAC.

If your HVAC unit is over a decade old, a new system could save you as much as 20 to 40 percent on your heating and cooling costs.

Deciding to replace your HVAC system is no small decision. But while it may cost you more money upfront, the cost savings add up over time. If you’ve been dreading getting your AC electric bill or heating bill, consider upgrading your unit this winter.

5. Let the Sun Warm Your Home

One small change that can have a big impact is letting the sun warm your home during the day.

Open blinds, shutters, and curtains, and let the warmth of the sunlight naturally add heat to your home.

6. Use Your Ceiling Fans

Many homeowners don’t realize that ceiling fans are designed to be used year-round. Setting your ceiling fan to spin in reverse will help to push hot air that gathers on the ceiling down into your rooms.

7. Reseal Windows and Doors

Much like an old HVAC unit isn’t efficient, old, drafty doors and windows may be allowing the warm air to leak out of your home, raising your heating bills.

To combat this, seal your windows and doors, or consider upgrading them.

Lower Your Heat Bills This Winter

Lowering your heat bills this winter is easier than you might think. Small changes, like sealing your doors and windows and closing rooms you don’t use, can add up to big savings.

If you want to enjoy even bigger savings, consider upgrading your heat system this winter. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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