Affordable HVAC Installations in Woodstock

The time has come for you to replace your outdated HVAC system. An energy-efficient system can save up to 20% on your energy bill.

First-time homeowners might not know anything about HVAC installations. That’s okay. Use this guide as a way to learn how to navigate large home repairs.

Before you search, “HVAC installers near me,” take the time to learn about HVAC installation. What size of system do you need? Will the HVAC installation cost change once the work starts?

Most importantly, learn what to look for when hiring quality HVAC installers in Woodstock. Everything you need to know about finding a company is in this HVAC installation guide.

Finding Trustworthy HVAC Installers

HVAC installations are a group project. You need to know the people installing your new unit have your best interests in mind.

Look for HVAC installers who will:

  • Show proof of liability and workers’ compensation insurance
  • Provide proof of proper licenses
  • Answer all your questions
  • Provide a written estimate before work begins

A trusted HVAC installer will offer some sort of warranty on their services. It proves they plan to stay in business for a long time.

Don’t settle on the HVAC team that offers the lowest prices. Pick an HVAC installer that understands what you want for your home. Low prices often mean the team cuts corners that need repairs within a year.

Installing the Right HVAC Unit

HVAC units are sized based on how many square feet they cool in a certain amount of time. The wrong-sized HVAC system works too hard to change the temperature in your home.

Your home’s location also factors into the HVAC unit’s size. Woodstock, GA is in climate zone 2.

Residents can use this chart to estimate their new HVAC unit size:

  • 600 to 950 sf  – 1.5 tons
  • 950 to 1250 sf – 2 tons
  • 1251 to 1550 sf – 2.5 tons
  • 1551 to 1850 sf – 3 tons
  • 1851 to 2150 sf – 3.5 tons

If your HVAC retailer doesn’t have the right size, you can go up a little. While you’re shopping, ask them about energy-efficient HVAC systems.

A Hidden HVAC Installation Cost Guide

The average HVAC installation cost is about $8,500, but it can cost a lot more in the end. Don’t let surprise costs stall your HVAC installation plans.

Old systems need a complete inspection before the new unit arrives. Make sure they check everything from the ductwork to the slab under the HVAC unit.

HVAC duct installation is just as important as the unit. When ducts leak more than 8% of the air they move, it raises your power bill. Old ducts also harbor mold and rodent waste that can make you sick.

Tip: When you’re planning your HVAC installation budget, set aside extra money. This way when your HVAC installer says there’s a problem, you won’t worry about the cost.

HVAC Installations Shouldn’t Cause a Headache

The heat and humidity in Woodstock, GA during summertime are intense. Give your family a cool oasis to enjoy until the temperatures cool down again.

Step one was learning about HVAC installations. Now it’s time to take what you learned and put it to good use.

R&R Heating and Air is ready to lend an expert hand with all your HVAC needs. Our top priority is making sure your family and home are protected from harsh weather. Contact R&R today to schedule an appointment.

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