Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

man installing air conditioning unitAn air conditioning unit is a wonderful investment in your home. Not only does it keep your family cool in the hot months, it is also a great selling point should you decide to sell your home. Central air units can be quite costly to replace in the event that it breaks down or a potential buyer finds the system to be inadequate. The best way to avoid costly repairs and replacement is to regularly maintenance your system. There are some steps you can take on your own and others should be done by a professional. Of course, if you are uncomfortable doing your own maintenance, you can always hire a professional to set up a routine maintenance schedule for you.

Self Maintenance

If you are confident in your own abilities to do simple maintenance on your air conditioner, there are a couple of things you can do without a professional’s help.

1. Changing the filter. Even those who don’t feel they are savvy with home repairs can easily change their own air filter. First, locate the air filter. This can vary from home to home based on the type of system. The size of your system will also determine how many filters you have. Though this process can be simple, it is wise to hire an HVAC tech to assist you if you have any conditions that could make it difficult or dangerous for you to do yourself.

2. Checking the thermostat. Your thermostat is the device that controls the temperature setting for your air conditioning unit. If it is not working properly, your system will not be able to cool your home. Most homes are equipped with a programmable thermostat which have a screen to easily adjust the temperature. If you have an older mechanical thermostat, it is best to consider upgrading to a programmable model.

Professional Maintenance

The best way to ensure your air conditioner is getting the proper maintenance is to hire a professional Woodstock HVAC company. It is even better to set up a routine maintenance schedule to have your air conditioner serviced to prevent big problems in the future. This should occur at least once a year for newer systems, and twice a year for systems more than 10 years old. During routine maintenance, your HVAC tech will typically change the filter, clean the system, and inspect the system for potential issues.

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