Cold Winds Ahead: How to Save on Air Conditioning Costs This Season

Each year homeowners across the United States collectively pay $29 billion in air conditioning costs. As we work towards budgeting our utilities an HVAC system can easily undo the time and effort we spend saving costs elsewhere.

Is your house constantly running an air conditioner while your electric bill is suffering the consequences? If so, there are many ways to combat this. Keep reading to learn more about how to save on air conditioning costs.

Check Your Insulation

As you look for ways to save money on air conditioning costs, start by examining your attic’s insulation. Your HVAC unit could be high-quality, but it will have minimal impact if your house isn’t properly insulated from outdoor temperatures.

When the sun beams down on your home this heat absorbs into the roof. From there it passes into your home’s wooden foundation. Without proper insulation, heat bypasses this filter and raises indoor temperatures. In turn, this can cause your air conditioning to overwork resulting in a shorter lifespan and higher electricity bill.

Reduce Light

A simple, yet effective way to reduce high temperatures is by limiting the amount of light entering your home. Blinds, curtains, and awnings are available to help combat excessive sunlight. This can also be productive in the wintertime to keep heat from escaping.

Use light-colored materials to deflect heat absorption as opposed to darker colors. Reflective window films can also help reduce light entrance while still providing transparency to see outside.

Limit Appliance Use

Although you can’t see it, much of the heat your home produces comes from the energy created by excessive appliance use. This causes an air conditioner to work harder to stabilize your home’s temperature. One of the easiest ways to save on air conditioning costs is unplugging unneeded electronics or limiting their use.

Specifically, your oven and stove can be the biggest culprits. Opting for alternative entertainment or culinary methods in the warmer months is also a good excuse to spend more time outside and use the grill.

Small Life Hacks

Sometimes the best ways to save are creative methods that require minimal time and cost. Portable fans take up much less energy than an HVAC and can be modified to each room. Spending more time on the ground level also helps you to escape high temperatures since heat rises.

If warm temperatures are keeping you up at night try sticking your sheets in a sealed bag inside the freezer before bed. Houseplants are not only a decorative addition to your home, but they also circulate fresh oxygen and absorb humidity which makes air cooler.

Exploring Ways To Save On Air Conditioning Costs

Decreasing your home’s air conditioning use to save on energy costs starts with properly maintaining it. An HVAC system is designed to sense climate and know when cool air or heat is needed to normalize your home’s temperature. Outdated or equipment or broken parts, however, can compromise this process.

Simple upkeep methods like regularly changing out air filters and routine inspections can significantly help save on air conditioning costs in the long run.

Sometimes a simple diagnostic can help identify HVAC issues the naked eye can’t see. Fortunately, R & R Heating and Air can help. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist with your air conditioning needs.

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