How Do I Know I Need to Replace My Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners are a vital and expensive system in your home or business office. This is especially true in the deep South like Woodstock, Georgia. 

On average, the cost to replace an air conditioner ranges from $3,000 to $7,000. This figure could increase depending on the building’s specifications and needs. Therefore, you want to be absolutely sure before replacing the air conditioner. Read on to learn the signs that indicate air conditioning replacement is necessary. Explore whether air conditioning repair is an option in lieu of a replacement. 

Your Home Is Not Reaching the Desired Temperature

It gets hot in Georgia towns like Canton and Kennesaw. Your home is supposed to be an escape from the heat and maintain a comfortable temperature.

Consider that you set the home’s temperature to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Every time you check the thermostat, however, the temperature is higher than the set value. 

This may indicate that there is a serious issue with your unit. A professional should come in and evaluate it immediately. 

Sometimes, this issue can be corrected with a simple repair action. Maintenance tasks like adding freon or replacing a faulty thermostat may do the trick. 

In some cases, it is more significant like repairing or replacing the AC compressor. The repair technician may determine the unit is beyond economical repair and needs to be replaced. 

High Energy Bills

Are you receiving consistently high energy bills? This may be a sign that your AC unit is not operating efficiently. It is working harder than normal in order to maintain the set temperature on the thermostat.

When this occurs, you may search for air conditioning repair near me. A repair technician will service your unit to ensure it is operating at maximum efficiency. If routine maintenance does not solve the problem, a replacement may be necessary.

Beyond Economical Repair

If your unit does not turn on or is not performing, there could be a significant issue driving the failure. Your repair technician will diagnose the issue and recommend a solution.

In some cases, it does not make economic sense to proceed with a component-level repair. Consider a scenario in which your compressor in the outdoor unit has failed. If your system is over ten years old, it may not make economical sense to repair this costly component. 

Age and Warranty

When making a decision to repair or replace, you have to consider the age of the air conditioning system. It may not make sense to repair a unit that is 10 to 15 years old. The reason being is that another critical component may break shortly after.

As the unit ages, more of the crucial components are out of their warranty period. This means that you will be paying full-price to replace them. 

Air Conditioning Repair or Replacement

This is a difficult decision for any home or business owner to make. The best advice is to search for air conditioning repair near me. A professional will advise you on the correct course of action.

Ask for a cost breakout for repair vs. replacement. If you are considering repair, ask the technician how much service life the unit has left. If you need help with air conditioning repair or replacement, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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