How Long Do Air Conditioners Last?

How long do air conditioners last? Most AC’s are known to serve perfectly well for an average period of 15-20 years. Appropriate preventative measures will ensure you get the best out of your air conditioner.

Just like any other machine, air conditioners deserve good maintenance for them to perform correctly and serve you for a more extended period.

Listed below are some primary ways you can take good care of your air conditioner to ensure it guarantees you maximum service.

1. Change Air Filter

Changing the air filter if it’s removable or cleaning it if not is one the best ways to maintain your AC. Most people tend to focus on other modes of maintenance and easily overlook this.

It is essential to progressively change or clean the filters during the season the air conditioner is used the most. When dust and other particles accumulate on the filter, you will receive dirty air as well as hinder ample circulation of air.

The cleaner the filter, the longer the AC survives.

2. How Long Do Air Conditioners Last IF you Examine the Thermostat

The thermostat is essential for the adequate control of temperature on your AC. The frequency of interaction with it also determines how well and how long it will function. If your thermostat becomes unresponsive, the AC won’t be able to turn on.

It’s advisable to have the programmable thermostat instead of the mechanical one. It’s because it can be controlled remotely avoiding the need of pressing it every time you want to regulate the temperature.

Ensure it’s out of children’s reach to avoid inappropriate pressing that might cause the thermostat to malfunction.

3. Ensure the Outside Unit Is Cleaned

The part of the air conditioner that’s always outside is one of the most neglected places when one is maintaining their AC. First of all, you should make sure it’s located in a beautiful place free from harsh weather conditions but also not depriving its aerospace area.

Once the AC stays outside for an extended period, a lot of debris tends to form on and around it. It is essential you get rid of the debris so as clear the air passage to the air conditioner. You should also be keen not to damage the fins which are responsible for creating the cold air.

You should always make sure that the power supply is off to avoid accidents during cleaning. You can as well seek the services of a professional who might do a better job because of their experience.

4. Monitor the Frequency of Use

The regular use of your AC also plays a significant role in its lifespan. Someone who uses their AC less regularly will tend to have a longer lifespan than someone who uses their air conditioner daily.

Avoid using your AC even when you’re not at home. The best way to deal with it would be by purchasing a programmable thermostat to put on your AC when you’re almost getting home. This is necessary also to help you use less on the cost of energy.

The Best Way Forward

How long do air conditioners last when they are maintained? You might consider rephrasing your question after reading the above hacks to how to prolong your AC’s lifespan through maintenance.

It’s quite evident that if an air conditioner is a well-taken care, it will serve you for ages.

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