How to Keep Houses in Woodstock Warm in the Summer

Georgia is known as a pretty warm part of the world. But did you know that in winter, temperatures have been known to drop as low as -17 degrees Fahrenheit?

When it gets this cold it can be tough to keep houses in Woodstock warm. And running the heating constantly can rack up a serious energy bill. That’s one reason why many people are looking for ways to keep their homes better insulated. 

Looking for tips on keeping your Woodstock home warm throughout the colder months? Read on! We’ve got some handy hints for keeping toasty even when the wind is howling and snow is falling hard.

Brush Up on Your Fundamentals For Heating Houses in Woodstock

Before we get into some of the more creative tips, it’s important to bring it back to basics. That means doing everything possible to ensure your home is well insulated.

Good insulation goes beyond closing doors and windows. It also means using objects to block drafts from gaps in the door or through a vent.

Conduct a thorough inspection of your property. Anywhere that air gets through is a place where you might be losing heat. Find a way to block those gaps with whatever’s available and you’ll soon start to feel the difference!

If the problem is severe, you might need to bring in professionals to look at that insulation.

Make Good Use of Your Drapes

Your drapes aren’t just for decoration and privacy. They also play a big part in any good house warming strategy and can be as important as vents and radiators in regulating temperature.

When you open your drapes in the day, even in rooms you’re not using, you’ll bring in solar energy that is slowly released over the course of the day. Closing them at night gives you an added layer of protection against the cold night air.

Think about the types of drapes you’re using too. Thick, heavy drapes provide better insulation and will help to counter any draughty areas on your window frames. Even the color of drapes can have an impact, with dark-colored fabric a better fit for keeping your home warm than light drapes. 

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great way of staying warm and maintaining low heating bills. But believe it or not, some experts believe they can help to keep your home warm too!

In small rooms, heat rises to the top. All that collected warmth is no good to anyone except maybe the spiders on the roof. But by turning the ceiling fans on every once in a while, you can send that heat downwards. 

By turning them on for five minutes or so before entering a room, you can make everything nice and toasty.

Top Quality Heating You Can Rely On

No matter what steps you take to keep your home warm, you’ll still need quality heating to keep comfortable in the depths of winter. The same goes for AC in the summer!

R & R Heating and Air have got you covered! Our HVAC technicians can come up with solutions to any problems you have and keep you at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. We work around Woodstock, Canton, Kennesaw, Acworth, and beyond!

Check out our services today! Whether you’re looking for new air conditioning, help to install a thermostat, or a home heating system for houses in Woodstock, we can help.

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