How to Keep the House Cool in a Woodstock Summer

There’s no denying a Woodstock summer’s heat. As beautiful as the weather can be for outdoor summer activities, it’s important to know how to keep the house cool during it all as well. The last thing you want to experience is a full day out in the Woodstock sun only to come home to a hot and uncomfortable home.

Is your air conditioner not cooling your house as well as you’d like? Are you looking for ways to reduce the heat level in your home without having to increase your energy bill significantly?

In the guide below, you’ll find several ways to keep the house cool that you can start doing right now. Continue reading below for a cooler summer in the Acworth, Kennesaw, and Canton area!

Cook Outside

Cooking inside your house really heats things up. All the steam and smoke make your entire house feel like an oven. If you have no other option than to cook indoors, then be sure to use any exhaust fans and crack open a window directly near the stove or oven to allow the hot air to escape.

Otherwise, consider cooking outside instead. Bring out the grill, griddle, or air fryer and use them outdoors. This will help keep the heat outside and keep your home cool.

Turning all fans on in the house can also help keep the air circulating and cool.

Keep Blinds Closed

During the day, the sun will creep its way through your windows and into your home. As beautiful as natural light is, if you want to keep your house cool, you’ll want to consider keeping the blinds closed during the hottest times of the day. You can also opt for tinted windows.

When you tint the windows, you can prevent too much heat from coming in while still keeping your blinds open. Blackout curtains are another option ideal for those who plan on spending the day away from the house and want to keep it as cool as possible when gone.

You should also take the time to look for cracks in the seals around windows and doors. Repair any cracks you may find as they allow heat to enter your home.

Maintain Your HVAC Unit

When your HVAC unit isn’t well maintained, it can begin working harder than it needs to. When this happens, your energy bill skyrockets and the unit may not be able to provide your home with enough cool air to keep the temperature down. A well-maintained unit combined with updated insulation in the home might be the solution you need.

Change the air filter on a regular basis and have a professional air conditioning service make any necessary repairs.

Knowing How to Keep the House Cool Starts With a Great HVAC Unit

All the tips above are a great starting point when learning how to keep the house cool. An excellent HVAC unit is your next step to take. With all of the tips above combined with a well-maintained HVAC unit, your home will stay cool all summer long!

Is your air conditioning in need of repair or replacement?

Don’t suffer from a Woodstock summer’s heat anymore. Contact us at R and R Heating and Air today to see how we can help you.

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