How to Keep the House Warm in the Summer

Are you one of the few constantly cold people, just like me? No matter where you are, you have to figure out some way of keeping warm. 

And if you are, what do you do when it’s summertime and you’re still freezing in your own home? Like those of us located around Canton or Kennesaw, summer doesn’t always mean 100 degree days. 

Therefore, knowing some tips and tricks can make all the difference when in need of keeping your house warm. 

So if you need some advice on how to maintain a warm house, keep reading!

Open the Curtains

There’s nothing better than natural heat and the warmth it provides. So on any sunny day, be sure to open your curtains to let the warm sun rays in. 

And opening more curtains around the house will help warm your home. And of course, sitting closer to the window will provide you with the ability to stay warm indoors as well. 

However, as the sun sets, don’t forget to close your curtains. That’s because the temperature will drop and the cool air will find its way in. And the curtains act as a barrier to keep the cold air out. 

Run Ceiling Fans Clockwise

One thing that some people don’t think about or realize is how your ceiling fan can help warm things up. You see, your fan has two settings, running clockwise or counterclockwise.

And running your ceiling fan in the clockwise direction is what you need when you’re cold. That’s because this direction forces the warm air down from the ceiling. Thus, using your home’s natural warm air more efficiently. 

This option is great when you don’t want to put the heating on and only want to warm certain rooms in your home. 

Space Heater

Of course, if you have a family not everyone may be as cold as you all the time. And from experience, covering up with multiple blankets while the air conditioning is running isn’t ideal. 

And that’s where a small space heater comes into play. Placing a space heater near you can be just enough to keep you warm without compromising the others around you. 

This is also perfect for heating only the area you’ll be in. This way, everyone can stay at their own comfortability in the family. 

However, this may not be the best cost option since the air conditioning may be running at the same time. 

Keeping Your House Warm

While putting on the heating may not always be the best option for your home, there are other ways to keep your house warm even during the summer months. 

And don’t worry, these tips are all great ways to help you shake the cold no matter what. 

So if you’re in need of any heating and air services, please contact us today! We will keep you warm here at R&R Heating and Air in Woodstock, Georgia! 

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