How to Prepare Your Kennesaw Home for an HVAC Installation

According to the Census Bureau, 91 percent of homes in the United States have air conditioning. Every year, more homeowners choose to purchase heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units, to make both their summers and winters more comfortable.

If you have purchased an HVAC unit, you want to prepare your home for its installation. Read on for tips HVAC installation service providers offer to make the installation a smoother process.

HVAC Installation Service: Make Room for the Installers

The area where the HVAC installation will take place has to be clear of clutter. Remove furniture, appliances, or other items that can get in the way. You want to leave a clear path for the installers. If there is an outdoor component to the HVAC unit, trim foliage and other vegetation that could get in the way.

Know How Long the Installation Will Be

Ask the provider of the HVAC unit for a rundown of what they will do during the installation. Ask how long the entire process will take. Since you need to be home as the installers work, having a clear timeline will make it easier to arrange the days around the installation.

Make Arrangements for Pets and Children

For the safety of everyone involved in the installation as well as for your children or pets, make sure they are not around as the work begins. There may be equipment that is dangerous or fragile, and you do not want anyone injured or property damaged.

Have someone remove them from the area so that the installers can work without distractions.

Consider Replacing Your Old Thermostat

Some companies offer a new thermostat with a new HVAC unit, but if this is not an option for you, consider replacing the one you have now. The newer thermostats can help you take advantage of all of the energy-efficient features your new HVAC unit offers.

Most thermostats are now Smart, so you can control the unit from wherever you are.

Inspect Ductwork

If ductwork replacement is not part of the installation, the new HVAC unit will be connected to your existing ductwork.

The ductwork system in your home is essential for the unit, allowing the heated or cooled air to travel into the different rooms in your home. Over time, ducts can suffer damage. By inspecting the ductworks, you will know if they will need replacements before you can use your new unit.

Undamaged ductwork will ensure efficiency from your unit.

Speak With Experts Today

When getting ready to have an HVAC unit installed, you want to speak with an HVAC installation service provider in Kennesaw. They can offer suggestions on how to prepare your home for the process.

At R&R Heating and Air, we offer air conditioning and heating installation and repairs to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. Call us right now to speak with an expert.

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