How to Quiet a Noisy Air Conditioner in Canton, GA

Three-quarters of households in the United States have air conditioners. But, air conditioners sometimes need maintenance, especially if they start making a lot of noise.

Is your noisy air conditioner driving you crazy throughout the summer months. Here’s how to get your air conditioner to keep it down when you’re in Canton, GA.

Causes of a Noisy Air Conditioner

Many different factors can be the cause of a noisy AC unit.  Some may be a sign of a greater problem, and some may just be a sign of age.

An old condenser, for example, can be a contributor to noise coming from your air conditioner.

If it’s been a little while since you cleaned out your air conditioner, it’s time to give it a shot. Start by cleaning out your AC filters. If cleaning the filters doesn’t help, you may need to go deeper.  Clean out your loud air conditioner’s coils, as well.

Check for leaks in your air conditioner’s hose, which could be the source of the noise. Loose items or debris in the duct or hose could also be the source, so check the internal parts of the hose carefully. 

How To Solve a Noisy Air Conditioner

For those whose loud air conditioner is located outside their home, you may be able to build a structure around it to drown out the AC noises. However, you should be aware that this may only be a stopgap measure if it turns out that the noise coming from your air conditioner is a symptom of greater problems.

Or, your air conditioner may just be in the wrong place! Experiment and see if moving your air conditioner to another part of your home helps reduce the noise levels.

If the noise issue is coming from the hose, you may be able to duct tape it to prevent the noise. Double-check that the air conditioner’s hose is properly secured, while you’re at it. 

Calling In the Experts

For more severe issues, you probably won’t be able to solve your noisy air conditioner yourself. Luckily, an air conditioner repair service should be able to solve the problem for you.

For example, if you need a part in your air conditioner replaced, it’s best not to resort to DIY measures. You could just end up causing bigger problems for yourself!

An electrical problem with your air conditioner can be a major issue. A buzzing noise coming from parts of your air conditioner could signify an electrical problem. In that case, you should turn the unit off and consult a professional ASAP. 

If you haven’t found a source for your noise issues, it could simply be that your air conditioner needs maintenance. Regular maintenance is important for your air conditioner, just like most appliances. 

Solve Your Noisy Air Conditioner Problem Today

Once you know what you’re dealing with, it’s pretty simple to cause all your noisy air conditioner issues.

Do you need help with your heating and air services in the Canton, GA area? Contact us today to get started.

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