Lower Your AC Costs With These Tips

Summer is nearly here again, and with it will come the hot weather. The hotter it gets outside, the cooler you’ll want it inside, and this is where your air conditioning costs will start to skyrocket. 

While there’s nothing at all you can do to lower the outside temperature, there is something you can do to lower your AC costs. So what can you do to remain cool this summer without having to worry about red hot energy bills dropping through your letterbox?

In this article, we’ll look at ways to lower an electric bill with some simple efficient air conditioner tips. 

Service Your Unit

Before the summer months roll around, it’s important that you get your AC unit serviced. Whatever the type of unit, you’ll always benefit from servicing to ensure you get the most out of your unit. 

Very often, filters will get clogged up. When this occurs, your system needs to work harder to pump the air around meaning your system becomes more of a drain when it comes to electricity. 

Run a search for AC maintenance near me and get yourself booked in with your local Woodstock air conditioner repair company. 

Block Out the Sun 

Whenever the sun gets into your home it warms things up considerably. This means your AC unit needs to work harder to bring the temperature back down. If you start off at a cooler temperature, you’ll not burn through as much power. 

Keep the sun out using blinds, curtains, and shades. 

Use Smart Thermostats

When you aren’t home, there’s no need for your AC unit to be working to bring your home temperature down. By using a smart thermostat, you can set the temperature higher when you’re not home, and turn it down when you’re back. 

If you don’t have a smart thermostat, you could still make temperature adjustments manually. 

Tidy Around Your HVAC Unit 

If there are plants growing around your external unit, it could have a negative effect on your air conditioning costs. Be sure to keep any trees, shrubs, or bushes from growing within two feet of your unit. This will ensure that there is good airflow around your unit. 

Prevent the Drafts Getting In

If you have an AC unit built into your window, you’ll need to have a secure seal between the unit itself and the window frame. This will help the cool air stay inside your home. 

If your AC unit hasn’t been installed properly, just the slighted draft will cause you to lose as much air as you would if you had a six-inch hole

By making a good seal, you’ll be able to keep the cooler air inside your home and your AC unit won’t need to work so hard.  

How to Keep Your Air Conditioning Costs Down 

If you want to keep your air conditioning costs down this summer, clear around your AC unit, stop the sunlight getting into your home, watch out for drafts, and get your AC unit serviced. 

It’s recommended that you get your AC unit serviced ahead of the summer. To book in for your Woodstock AC service, get in touch today.

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