Staying Ice Cold: How to Cool down a Room Without Air Conditioning

Ninety percent of US homes have an AC unit. Worldwide, there are 1.1 billion AC units. In the Southern States of the US, the AC runs all year round. The average AC unit will use 3,000 to 5,000 watts of power an hour. If the unit runs for 9 hours a day, it will use 2.7kWh to 4.5 kWh. If the cost of electricity per kWh is $0.01, it will use $0.3 per hour, $2.7 per day, $82.13 a month and $985.61 a year.

This is based on a unit using 3,000 watts an hour. The good news is you can avoid paying such figures every month by learning how to cool down a room without an AC.

In this post, we offer tips on how to cool down a room without air conditioning.

1. Use Black Curtain and Thermal Shades

You can control the rays of the sun getting into your home by installing black curtains or shades. The reason why black curtains are the best option is that heat radiates as infrared. Thanks to the black color, the hot colors such as red and yellow cannot get through.

You can invest in thermal curtains too. They help to keep heat as well as light from coming through. There are thermal shades that can keep your home cool during the day. If you need natural light while keeping out the heat, consider window tints or solar screens. These types of window treatments remove certain wavelengths keeping your home cool.

2. Invest in Smart Shading

Smart shading systems come into two parts. You have the indoor type and the outdoor type. The indoor type includes roller shades, cellular shades or sheer horizontal shades. These options are automated. As such, you can control them with a mobile app, a handheld remote or a wall mounted remote.

With smart shading, not only do you reduce energy costs, but you get to improve security.

For outdoor smart shading, it’s all about landscaping your yard. The goal is to ensure the trees protect your home from the harsh rays of the sun. To achieve this, hire a professional landscaping company.

3. Insulate Your Home

If your home was not constructed with energy efficiency in mind, you need to insulate it. By doing so, you get to reduce your energy costs as well as keep your home cool. To determine if your home needs insulation, talk to a qualified home energy auditor.

The energy auditor will carry out an energy assessment of your home. This will help to identify areas in your home that are in need of insulation. If your home is already insulated, you need to find out the following:

  • The R-value of the insulation
  • The depth and thickness of the insulation

If your home is new, you can find out about the details above by talking to your builder. Remember, the thickness should not be the sole determining factor for insulation efficiency.

4. Cook Outside During Summer

In summer, the hot oven in your kitchen can increase indoor temperatures rapidly. Want to know how to cool a room without AC? Cook outside during summer. This does not mean that you should cook barbecue food all summer. You have solar powered ovens or grills which can save you money and help you lower your carbon footprint.

You can also invest in a heavy duty single burner outdoor stove. This will allow you to prepare home cooked meals such as chicken parmesan.

5. Invest in a Ceiling Fan

Unlike an AC that uses 3,000 watts an hour, a ceiling fan uses 55 to 100 watts an hour. That means, if you buy a 55-watt ceiling fan, your daily energy costs will be:

  • $0.0495 a day
  • $1.51 a month
  • $18.07 a year

The costs above are based on a 55-watt ceiling fan running for 9 hours a day. By looking at the costs, you can see that you will save money and energy too. Also, your home will remain cool during the summer.

How to Cool down a Room Without an Air Conditioner

If you have a tendency of switching on your AC during summer, this is the time to change. Now that you know how to cool down a room without an AC unit, you can save on energy and utility costs.

Still on the fence about using a homemade air conditioner without ice? We can help. Feel free to schedule an appointment today!


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