The Recommended Thermostat Settings for Hot Kennesaw Summers

When it’s scorching hot in Kennesaw, do you bump the thermostat down so far your home feels like a freezer?

Maintaining the big chill 24/7 usually results in an extreme rise in your summer energy bills. That said, if you and your family aren’t interested in skimping on the AC, you do have options.

If you’ve never researched recommended thermostat settings for your cooling system, today is your day! Read on and explore how you can maximize summer comfort without breaking the bank, or fighting with your housemates for control of the thermostat.

Should You Set it and Forget It?

Remember the days before programmable thermostats? Whoever was in charge of the AC set the temperature, often much higher than was comfortable. Then, they forbid anyone from touching the thermostat.

If you were lucky, the thermostat boss kept the temperature at a pleasant 78 degrees. If not, you may have spent summers sweltering in 82-degree heat—while indoors.

It’s better not to get attached to one temperature and leave it there all summer.

To get the most from your cooling system, and effectively manage your energy bill, it’s better to set the thermostat for different temperatures throughout the day. If you haven’t already modernized by installing either a programmable or smart thermostat, consider doing so this year.

Best Thermostat Settings for Summer Days

Did you know your air conditioner plays two primary roles? It not only keeps indoor temperatures comfortable but it also helps control the humidity in your home. You’ll want to find the sweet spot that allows your system to do both.

Of course, you’re striving for a balance between comfort and cooling costs.

When you’re figuring out the best temperature to set the thermostat in summer, how concerned are you about paying higher energy bills? To save money on cooling costs, set the thermostat to 78 degrees—when you’re at home.

When you’re away, you can save even more by turning the thermostat up between 85 and 88 degrees. If that sounds too warm, you can set a smart thermostat to turn the air on automatically shortly before you plan to return.

Recommended Thermostat Settings for Sleeping

Summer nights in Kennesaw are warm and humid. You probably won’t sleep well if you throw the windows open, hoping for a breeze. Your air conditioner can save the day—or night.

The best AC temperature for sleeping may surprise you!

For most people, nighttime is when they need to crank up the cool. Sleep experts recommend temperatures between 60 and 67 degrees for the best sleep experience.

Since we’re not all identical as far as how cold we need the bedroom, you can experiment a little. Bump the thermostat up one degree every night until you find your threshold. You may not need it as cold as 60 degrees.

Need to Schedule AC Service?

Did our recommended thermostat settings surprise you, or are they right in line with what you’re already doing to keep cool and keep costs down?

If you’re following the suggested settings, but aren’t sure you’re getting the most from your AC, we can help! Contact us today and schedule a maintenance appointment. We can find ways to keep you cool and save money.

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