The Spring AC Conundrum: Staying Comfy Without Racking Up Your AC Bill

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Is the thought of a high energy bill keeping you from turning on your air conditioning? Millions of working families are experiencing the same problem and facing unusually high heating and cooling costs.

As we enter spring and temperatures climb, you want to keep your home cool and comfortable. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort because of high energy bills.

We’re covering the best ways to save money on air conditioning costs so you can keep cool this spring. You can keep your home comfy without spending a fortune on your AC bill if you follow these practical tips.

Setting the AC Temperature

If you’re wondering how to set the AC temperature so you won’t raise your cooling bill too much, try these recommended settings:

  • 78°F when you’re home
  • 85°F while you’re away from home

Of course, you may not feel comfortable with these settings. You might feel happier setting the thermostat to 70°F, especially if you’re trying to sleep.

If you want to start saving money on your AC bill, try raising it by a degree at a time and seeing how you feel. At the very least, setting it slightly higher while you’re at work or away can save you money.

Maintain Your System

When was the last time you had someone maintain your HVAC system? Regular maintenance keeps your air conditioning unit running efficiently, which can help you lower costs as well.

When your filter is dirty, for instance, your system has to work harder. It might run more often or for longer than necessary. Not only can this cause the system to burn out faster, but you’re paying for the extra energy it uses.

Seal Your Windows

Air leaks can be the cause of high energy bills. If your windows aren’t sealed properly, they can leak air. Your air conditioning system will have to work harder as a result, and you’re essentially cooling the neighborhood.

Get a home energy audit to find all leaks and discover how to make your home more energy-efficient.

Upgrade Your AC or Thermostat

An old and inefficient air conditioner can raise your energy bills. Older units aren’t as efficient as newer models, which are designed to cool your house and save you money.

Your air conditioner also might be too small for your house. Contact your local HVAC company to look into your options and consider upgrading to an Energy Star certified air conditioner.

Additionally, you might want to look into smart thermostats which allow you to set schedules and temperatures from your phone. You can save big if you set your thermostat back even 7-10° for eight hours each day.

Smart thermostats can sense temperatures and adjust on their own to save you more money on your energy bills.

Keep Your AC Bill Low While Staying Comfortable

If you’re looking for ways to lower your AC bill this spring, start with these tips. It’ll help you save money while still staying nice and cool all season long.

Are you looking for more ways to lower your AC bill in Canton? Maybe you need HVAC services in Woodstock? If you’re in the Woodstock, Canton, Kennesaw, or Acworth areas, give us a call today or send us a message to book a service.

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