What’s the Most Efficient Way to Heat a House in Winter?

When you need to get a handle on your money and to keep your family from freezing — it’s crucial that you get a handle on your home heating.

But what is the most efficient way to heat a house?

There are actually several ideas you’ll want to keep in mind to make your house warm and toasty, while keeping your energy bills in check.

To get started, think about the tips below and reach out to HVAC pros that can help you with your heating needs.

Understanding the Most Efficient Way to Heat a House

#1: Go Back to Basics and Embrace the Wood Stove

Many people spend lots of money on the most advanced HVAC systems, but what if I told you a good old fashioned wood stove is often the most efficient way to heat a house?

There’s a trend of going back to basics right now, and investing in a wood stove is one of the best ways to do this.

Using a wood stove gives you some of the cheapest fuel you’ll find and saves lots of money on your energy bills each month. Aside from savings, burning wood is downright effective at warming enclosed spaces.

#2: Install an Eco-Friendly Heating System

When you want to heat your home, it’s important to not do so at the expense of the planet.

Today’s heating system focuses on green-friendly measures that are clean and cost-effective. If you know your current heater is old and ragged, always upgrade to one that has Energy Star ratings.

This is important since your heater and AC create 56 percent of the energy you use in your house.

#3: Fix Your Insulation

If you need your heating system to be useful, it pays to shore up your insulation.

When you live somewhere prone to bitter winters, you must be doubly sure that your insulation is at its best. The best way to find out is to hire an HVAC company to provide you an inspection.

They’ll assess your current insulation to see how it’s affecting the performance of your heater. From there, they can easily provide some blown-in insulation for your attic, which will keep your entire house warm.

#4: Repair and Maintain Your Heater

The repair work that you provide your heater truly lets you get the best performance.

For instance, you can’t expect your heater to get you through winter when you haven’t changed the filters in 9 months.

By contacting an HVAC pro, you’ll get pre-season tune-ups that will get you through the winter season and beyond. It’s important for you to be diligent in getting all of these repairs, starting with finding the company that you trust to handle your HVAC service.

Get the Best HVAC Service

When looking for the most efficient way to heat a house, put your resources to use and find an HVAC company that can help you.

If you’d like to do business with the best, contact our heating company today so that we can help you get the most out of your system.

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