5 Signs It’s Time to Hire an HVAC Professional

Did you know that three-quarters of all homes in the US have central air conditioning? That’s because HVAC is a great way to regulate temperature and air flow in your house. 

But HVAC isn’t so great if you aren’t getting it serviced and repaired regularly. Unserviced HVACs can become health and fire risks, and can even spike your bills. 

To avoid these risks, here are five signs to look out for to tell you it’s time to hire an HVAC professional. 

1. Air Isn’t Cold Enough

A sure sign that your air conditioning unit needs repair is when it’s not working properly. Either the air is not cold at all, or it’s not as cold as it should be. If either of these is happening, it means something is faulty. 

HVAC services include checking to make sure everything works as well as it should. If something is broken, an HVAC company will be able to repair it for you. 

Check out our HVAC repair service page for more information. 

2. Weird Noises

If your HVAC is making weird noises, it means there is a clog or a fault. Dust and dirt can clog the fans, ducts, and filters. It’s important to get these cleaned regularly, or they can become fire hazards.

HVAC professionals will identify and repair any faults they see. It might be as simple as tightening something that came loose. Or it might be more serious, and something that has broken needs a replacement. 

3. Air is Humid

Part of HVAC regulating the air in your house is that it reduces humidity. If the air inside your home feels humid, or you notice moisture in the HVAC ducts, this is a sign that something is leaking. 

If you notice either of these, contact an HVAC professional immediately. Moisture can lead to mold growing in your home, which is a serious health risk.

4. Bad Smells

If your HVAC emits any smell, you should be cautious. If you’re smelling something weird, it could be that something is leaking. But if you’re smelling musty or stale smells, it’s a sign that mold or mildew is growing somewhere in the HVAC system. 

Any smells should be checked out by an HVAC professional when in doubt. 

5. Sudden Increase in Power Bill

If you’ve noticed your utility bill has suddenly increased, even though you’re not doing anything differently, it means something is using more power than normal. 

This is a sure sign that your HVAC is acting up. For example, something could be broken, causing a spike in power usage. Or something is clogged, and the air conditioning uses more power to do the job. 

Hiring an HVAC Professional

Having faulty central air conditioning risks your health, is a fire hazard, and can even increase your bills. Remove these risks by hiring an HVAC professional as soon as your HVAC starts acting up. 

If you need an HVAC company in the Woodstock, Canton, Kennesaw, or Acworth areas, contact us today!

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