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Importance of A Functioning Air Conditioning System

As the heat of the summer approaches, temperatures are on the rise. In Georgia, this means hot, sticky, humid days that linger into the evening. This time of year, a properly functioning air conditioning is the only way to keep your home from becoming a sauna. If you’ve ever had your air conditioning system stop working in the summer, you know just how uncomfortable it is for you and your family. Unfortunately, A/Cs tend to choose the hottest days of the years to stop working.

Common Air Conditioning System Issues

There are many reasons why an air conditioning unit can stop working properly. Typically, a malfunction with the A/C equipment is the result of a mechanical or electrical issue. The most common problems that arise are dirty filters, low refrigerant (often due to a leak), issues with the thermostat, drainage problems, frozen coils, and a burned-out motor. Because of the large spectrum of potential problems with your A/C, it is important to hire a Woodstock HVAC company to properly diagnose the issue.

  • Dirty Filters

A dirty filter may seem like a small problem, but it can lead to serious issues if not changed regularly. Clogged filters can lead to an uncomfortably hot house because your unit’s internal airflow is being restricted. Because your system is designed to have a certain amount of internal airflow, this can cause your A/C system to fail. A dirty filter also pumps dirty air into your home. Dirt and allergens are then breathed in by your family. Regular maintenance and inspection of your home’s air conditioning unit can prevent clogged filters.

  • Low Refrigerant (Freon)

Low refrigerant, also known as freon, is another common problem that can cause your unit to malfunction. If you suspect your refrigerant is low, it is important to seek professional help in diagnosing the cause. Contrary to popular belief, homeowners should not have to refill the refrigerant unless there is a leak. Insufficient refrigerant causes your system to work harder, leading to possible damage to your unit. Refrigerant leaks are potentially dangerous if not quickly addressed. In extreme cases, the chemicals can create a harmful gas if inhaled.

  • Thermostat Issues

The thermostat in your home is an important part of regulating the temperature in your home. The thermostat works by sensing the temperature of your home, and then automatically switching on or off to maintain the set temperature. Sometimes the thermostat stops working, leading to the inability to turn your system on and off. This is often due to a broken sensor and may result in the need to replace the thermostat.

  • Drainage Problems

Your air conditioning unit is designed to create cool air, but in doing so it also creates an abundance of water. When the warm air is circulated out of the home, it comes into contact with the cool air and creates condensation. This water has to properly drain to maintain a functioning unit. Drainage issues are a common problem homeowners face in the summer months. Unfortunately, improper drainage can lead to poor air quality in the home, leaks, mold growth, and even cause your air conditioning unit to completely shut down.

  • Frozen Coils

If you notice a build-up of ice on your unit and the air doesn’t seem to be blowing like it should, you likely have a frozen coil. Other signs of frozen coils include a greatly increased amount of drainage and visible condensation when inspecting the unit. Coils can freeze for a number of reasons, from a simple dirty filter to return ducts that are too small. If the filter is changed and you still experience freezing, the ducts should be checked in a timely manner for size and potential blockage.

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