What to Do When Your AC Unit Freezes Up: A Helpful Guide

Air conditioners are our last line of defense against the brutal summer heat. They redistribute air through our homes, making each of them comfortable to live in.

But if your AC unit freezes, your household will be anything but cool. A frozen AC unit can strike any time of year, no matter the temperature outside. Thankfully, […]

How Long Does It Take to Replace an AC Unit? What You Need to Know

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from customers is “how long does it take to replace an AC unit?”. Given that AC forms a significant part of your home’s infrastructure, many people are concerned that installation may be a complex and lengthy process.

However, this is rarely the case. An air conditioning timeline […]

Maintenance Checklist: 7 Things You Need to Do to Maintain Your Heating System

While the snow might not be flying in Georgia anytime soon, the coming months will bring some chilly temperatures that will have you reaching for your thermostat. With an average January low temperature in the 30s in Woodstock, don’t get caught in the cold with a broken heater.

To make sure you and your family stay […]

Keep Your Cool: 5 Possible Reasons Your Air Conditioner Has Stopped Working (+ How to Fix Them)

If there was one thing that you always hoped for, it was that the air conditioner never gave out on you. The last thing you need is to be stuck in the house panting like a dog without water.

Lo and behold, that’s exactly what happened.

If your air conditioner is not working, you obviously may be […]

How to Hire HVAC Professionals: A Helpful Guide

Are you in need of HVAC repair or replacement services? If so, then you’ve most likely started looking around for local HVAC services to hire. As you begin to look for a company to come out to your home or building, you might begin to realize that there’s a bit of competition out there.

How do […]

3 Super Common HVAC Issues and Problems You Need to Know

Your home’s HVAC system works throughout the year to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. If your HVAC system doesn’t work as intended, it can leave you shivering or sweating through the day.

Further, a malfunctioning HVAC system can cost you more in the long run, as it will end up using more electricity. Knowing […]

Cold Winds Ahead: How to Save on Air Conditioning Costs This Season

Each year homeowners across the United States collectively pay $29 billion in air conditioning costs. As we work towards budgeting our utilities an HVAC system can easily undo the time and effort we spend saving costs elsewhere.

Is your house constantly running an air conditioner while your electric bill is suffering the consequences? If so, there […]

The Art of Keeping Your House Warmer in Winter

Nearly half of the energy that goes into your home is used for heating. Yet, it may not feel like it come the harsh winter months. Fortunately, there are ways to help improve this process and combat the cold.

Are you sick and tired of feeling cold all winter long? Join the club. Read on to […]

How to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

What are the key steps to learn how to improve air quality in home? Inhaling dangerous pollutants in your home can cause long-term health issues. Common indoor air pollutants may include dust particles, viruses, bacteria, smoke, and pesticides.

You need to follow the best techniques to improve your indoor air quality. There are quick and easy […]

Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist: Getting Ready for the Colder Months

Raise your hand if you’re ready to enter into the cooler fall months. As Mother Earth turns off the oven and switches on a cool, fall breeze, it’s time to make sure our heating units are ready to kick on during the cool evenings.

This is the time to pull out your HVAC maintenance checklist. A […]