How to Cool Down a Room Without AC

Ever since air conditioners came into the market, a lot of people have forgotten the easy, regular hacks that you can use to cool your room.

You can always try new ways on how to cool down a room without AC. It will help you cut on energy costs.

Discussed below are some of the easy methods you can implement to avoid using the AC to keep your room cool.

1. Ensure Your Blinds and Curtains Are closed

Once your blinds and curtains are open, it allows the sun rays to enter your house, almost turning it into an oven. This can still happen without necessarily opening the windows.

It’s therefore essential to keep them closed or use tinted windows so that the light can be reflected. You can also use curtains made from bright colors as they reflect the most light.

2. How To Cool Down A Room Without AC By Implementing The Use Of Fans

Using fans is another right way of keeping your room fresh. You can either use the stand fans or the ceiling. Having a network of fans working at the same time would be the best way to make your room livable.

Set your ceiling fans to run in an anti-clockwise direction so that the general air circulation in the room will be favorable.

3. Unplug Electric Appliances

Technically, electric gadgets produce heat when they drain energy. It is for this reason that it’s always important to unplug all the appliances that are not being used.

It will prove to be vital in keeping your room cool because you won’t have to deal with extra heat coming from plugged gadgets.

4. Opening And Closing Of Doors

Just like the fans, doors play an essential role in in-house air circulation. Ensure that you close the doors of the rooms you’re not using.

Closing the doors of these rooms will enable you to keep cool air in the room you’re currently using. Opening the doors tends to allow the cool air into the places that no one might be using hence giving a hard time.

5. Cook Outdoors If Possible

Cooking in the house will provide you and other inhabitants a hectic time to cope with the heat. If you an option of cooking outside it would probably be the best way to keep the room cool.

Another method you can consider while cooking is coming up with the appropriate timing. Cook before it becomes too hot or late in the afternoon to avoid the room becoming an oven. You can also use equipment that doesn’t generate a lot of heat while cooking.

6. Appropriate lighting

Try to make use of the natural light. It will help you avoid the need of using bulbs hence generating unnecessary heat.
In case it vital for you to have the light on, use energy efficient bulbs which produce less heat compared to the other bulbs. LED bulbs are the most preferable.

A Sufficient Way Of Beating The Heat

How to cool down a room without AC is not a complicated task, as seen above. A lot will work on your advantage, especially financial wise, by saving on energy costs.

It’s also essential for you to monitor how your body is reacting to different changes to avoid getting sick.

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