Air Balancing: How to Avoid Hot and Cold Spots

Out of all the electricity that is produced in the US, 6% of it is used by air conditioners. This cost to homeowners totals to be about $29 billion each year. If you have an air conditioner, as you probably do in Woodstock, Acworth, or the surrounding areas, you’ll want to be efficient with its use.

But many homes end up with hot and cold spots created by their unbalanced HVAC systems. Luckily, air balancing can solve these problems. Let’s take a look at what it is and how to go about making your home comfortable throughout. 

What Is Air Balancing?

Air balancing is a process of testing and adjusting your HVAC system to correct uneven air flow and negative air pressure. This will help it run properly and keep your home comfortable. Air balancing is usually done a few years after an air conditioning install.

A technician that is air balancing HVAC systems will look at the intake and output of the whole system to make sure air is evenly distributed throughout your home. They also need to make sure the heat transfer in each zone is where it should be.

Benefits of Air Balancing

One of the most noticeable benefits of air balancing is the added comfort in your home. The right amount of either hot or cold air will be delivered to each room, so you won’t need to deal with hot and cold spots. It can also help address humidity issues.

Over time after your air conditioning installation, the unit can start to have poor circulation. This can cause contaminants to enter the system and the air in your home. Air balancing can correct this, improving air quality and circulation.

Air balancing also prevents dirt, dust, and mold from clogging up your air conditioning system, keeping your home healthier.

An unbalanced air system will put stress and lead to overwork on your HVAC system, making it work harder than it needs to. By balancing it, you can increase the performance of the system, making it last longer and run more efficiently. This can help you save money

Also, less cold air escapes from the system, leading to less waste. Air balancing can correct this, increasing the energy efficiency of your system and lowering your energy bills.

How to Balance Your Air Conditioning Unit

You may be able to tell on your own if your HVAC system needs to be balanced. You’ll feel hot and cold spots and your home will be unevenly heated. If you feel these signs, air conditioning companies can help.

Air balancing requires specialized knowledge and tools to do it properly, so you will need an HVAC professional from the Canton or Kennesaw area to assist you. They will figure out what the output should be and calculate what the total airflow should be to each room.

Then, they will inspect and run your system. During this, they will take airflow readings and run diagnostic tests. They can adjust throughout the procedure until the system is properly balanced.

Keep Your Home Comfortable

Air balancing can help make sure your HVAC system is running as efficiently as it can. You’ll reduce hot and cold spots making your entire home much more comfortable and livable. Plus, you’ll save money on your heating and air conditioning bill and have a healthier environment.

Call R and R Heating and Air to get rid of your hot and cold spots today.

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